Aaron GM

Reception: Saturday, April 16, 6 - 8 pm  
Saturday, April 16, 7 pm

Exhibition: April 16 - May 8, 2011

Aaron GM (b. 1978 in Washington D.C.) lives and works in Los Angeles. He studied at both San Francisco Art Institute and UCLA. Recently he exhibited a solo presentation at the NADA Art fair in Miami Beach (2010). Other Recent solo exhibitions include capezio (2010) at ltd los angeles, Timeshares (2009) at Parker Jones Gallery in Los Angeles, and sales calls (2008) at Blanket Gallery in Vancouver. Aaron has shown in group exhibitions both nationally and internationally.

IMOM-M (improvisational man of mid-midwest) is a zone

IMOM-M is a set of 214 blue spheres that permeate the entire space of the gallery.

The blue spheres point to a zone, they remind the viewer of what already is;

This space is open to any and all interpretations. It is perfectly submissive

The artist tosses 17 expressions into this zone and 1 somatic improvisation (performance)


WS-watermelon slices

BWBU-beeping when backing up

TTTPTPTP-to toss to pitch to participate to play

LAYBSYLLYSBMTOOTSDP-Look at your beautiful self, you look like you should be married to one of the sandiego padres

vacuuming = domestic activity = free space in spacetransencendende aavailable within the mundane = free space

lands ends tote vera Bradley xoxoxoxo crew HTML”

the identified space remains active flux could brioche constant a vacuum represents 2 spaces 1 = free space 1 = domestic space”

LPW- lifting pretty waitresses

domestic space = opportunity 2 truths, authentic movement, non-duality, diffuse awareness technique infinity”


saying I feel at beginning of sentences”

de-centered brown boys in an affirmative patch of green somatic novelty = stir creative juices”

single mom smoothie number 2”

women more powerful than men? Yo yo tony romo, MOM = millions of movements, busy being French process/becoming = to drift in space, deviate, veer, in the middle = wholeness = free play”



Lateral moves = ladle, skim, dip, shallow, peruse, cast meme”

I say fetish pronounced ve-tosh and in the middle of saying it I start to veer off course end up saying veeleocrush tony crush abittt three characters: gabe, Stanton, adam, angels in the outfield, the identified zone remains active slight, flux is constant? Number 2

a vacuum represents 2 spaces, 1 = free space, 1 = domestic space number 2, domestic space = opportunity number 1, 2 truths, authentic movement, non-duality yesh diffuse awareness w/ attention saying I feel at beginning of sentences lil sentences crush blue de-centered brown boys in an affirmative patch of green gray somatic novelty = stir creative juices, single mom smoothie number 3, women more powerful than men? Loud, MOM = millions of movements playing man?”