Exhibition: January 23rd - March 7th 2010

The Green Gallery East is pleased to present new work by Tyson Reeder. Tyson Reeder's paintings are eclectic images which embody a rich history of painting borrowed most noticeably from Fauvism and Impressionism. Space is often flattened or textured by the use of washy dramatic colors, and mixing mediums of acrylic paint, pen and pencil creating areas of abstract depth in relation to his representational and often figurative subject matter. Tyson Reeder's work often includes references to music, fashion, the urban landscape and other signifiers of contemporary culture though stylistically the work feels rooted in a dialogue that spans several painting histories. 

Tyson Reeder (b. 1974 Fairfax, VA) lives and works in Milwaukee, WI. Solo shows include exhibitions at Jack Hanley Gallery, LA; Greener Pastures, Toronto and Black Dragon Society, LA. Reeder has also exhibited widely in group exhibitions including shows at Gavin Brown's Enterprise, NY; Canada, NY; Angstrom Gallery, LA and Nicolai Wallner, Copenhagen.


Paul Druecke

Come. is a site specific project timed to coincide with the one-year anniversary of The Green Gallery East. Using the city as backdrop, Druecke's project extols the human impulse for inviting others to join in. Part spectacle, part earnest invitation—your attendance is requested.