Mari Eastman + Peter Barrickman on Platform May

The Green Gallery is pleased to announce its participation on Platform for the month of May. We are presenting works by Mari Eastman and Peter Barrickman. Four works by each artist are featured for this limited time through Platform's site.

Since the 1990’s, Mari Eastman has produced drawings and paintings with a casual, yet deft touch. Her whimsical strokes nod to fashion, popular culture and the personal. Eastman’s works draw our attention to the allure found in these items; the seductive surface of garments, the empty gaze of a model, and escapist moments found in nature. The works seem to meander as one’s mind may do while endlessly scrolling online or combing through a magazine. Eastman often utilizes alternative materials, to physically complicate the sensuality and seductive nature of her surfaces. Self-aware gestures like this disrupt the seamless flow in her work, allowing the viewer to both participate in and stand back from the image feed of the present.

For over 20 years, Peter Barrickman has let imagination and inventive structures guide his work. Barrickman’s stacked and layered compositions negotiate the picture-plane with idiosyncratic maneuvering. The work toys with our understanding of art history as the artist reconfigures echoes of abstraction and figuration from the past. His drawings and paintings suggest open ended and associative narratives that allow a sense of play for the viewer. As Barrickman’s work invites the viewer to wander; we butt up against loosely formed geometry, are lost in fields of color, and encounter figures and characters that seem to both anchor and collapse his images.

Platform is the e-commerce destination for new works by today’s most sought-after contemporary artists. At the beginning of each month, Platform releases a new limited-time selection of artworks to buy now, selected in partnership with David Zwirner and sourced from the country's most exciting independent galleries.