A two person exhibition: Margaret Lee and Matthew Higgs

Exhibition: August 18th - September 30th, 2012

margaret lee matthew higgs green gallery milwaukee

Milwaukee, WI -- You can find things or make things, it doesn't really matter.


Images and objects: grey triangle, pink semi-circle, yellow circle, silhouettes, wrong, blue, red, black, white, cucumber, eggplant, telephones, table, plant, stool, books.

Read a book, selection includes: David Robilliard's “Swallowing Helmets; Bruce Hainley's “Foul Mouth”, and Paul McCarthy, Miles Varner and Carol Lingham's “Wolfgang Stoerchle.”

Do not put the receiver to your ear.

Thank you.

Margaret Lee (b. 1980) founded 179 Canal in 2009 and currently runs in collaboration with Oliver Newton, 47 Canal - both in New York City. Past curatorial projects and exhibitions organized at White Columns, NY; X-Initiative, NY; Performa 09, NY; amongst others. She had her first solo show at Jack Hanley, NYC in 2011 and will be included in New Pictures of Common Objects at MoMA/Ps1 curated by Christopher Lew this fall.

Matthew Higgs (b. 1964) is a British artist, curator, writer and publisher. His contribution to UK contemporary art has included the creation of Imprint 93, a series of artists’ editions featuring the work of artists such as Martin Creed and Jeremy Deller. He is currently the director and chief curator of New York City's oldest alternative non-profit space; White Columns. 


matthew higgs margaret lee green gallery milwaukee
MLMH, 2012
Margaret Lee and Matthew Higgs
archival pigment print
7 x 5 inches

Edition of 50 prints available 
All proceeds go to The Green Gallery fire recovery.