Nolan Simon 


Exhibition: July 30 - September 13, 2015
Reception: July 30, 6-8pm

·  an idea, a feeling or an opinion that you get about somebody/something, or that somebody/something gives you

> Her performance did little to change my impression of her.<

> Jimmy stopped, recognized her, and broke into piteous sobs, crying for sheer joy, as she took him into her anus. <

·  the effect that an experience or a person has on somebody/something

> i have seen the fnords <

· a drawing showing what a person looks like or what a place or a building will look like in the future

> In the future, artificial intelligence will function more like weather and economic patterns – hyper objects existing in all spaces. <

· impression (of somebody) an amusing copy of the way a person acts or speaks

> impersonal. While, contrastingly, the artist stares back at his viewer in bottomless, startling self-portraits. <

· an appearance that may be false

· a mark that is left when an object is pressed hard into a surface

> In the future, he hacked his hearing aides to detect wifi signals. <

· all the copies of a book that are printed at one time, with few or no changes to the contents since the last time the book was printed

> I’m terrible at telling jokes. <