audience ≒ one
Eastman Pippin

February 27 - March 26, 2016

Who do we imagine might receive the things we make or witness the things we do?  The larger we imagine that audience, the more defined the thing must be, sanded down to a smooth flat surface for the hive mind who demand to understand all sides of whatever it consumes.  But to imagine your ideas in conversation with just one person, you might safely flaunt its obscure mysteries and reveal your known and unknown self. The result is something completely different, unbounded and expansive, a conversation.

In the main gallery space, both artists present work chosen by each other, the result of agreed upon interventions in each other's process. Anne Eastman invited Steven Pippin to live for a month in Nikko, Japan, at an artist residency she has established in her family home there, offering Pippin a particular context within which to produce his work. Pippin, in turn, has selected an image to print from a series of moon photos Eastman has made in Milwaukee.  An accompanying single-channel video by Eastman made in Nikko, Japan, coupled with two analogue/digital hybrid photos by Pippin further complicate their shared interest in subverting photographic expectations.