The Green Gallery East presents:

 Peter Barrickman

Also showing in the back room...

Paul Slocum

August 1st thru August 30th 2009

FUMES paintings by Peter Barrickman.

You sit on it but you take it with you. A healthy behind rests at the center of a continent. The Midwest. Here the discarded colors of our world mix with the views from a tired future, a fantastical past, and a present aching in a kaleidoscope of association. Now contemporary living becomes as modern as an Internet game, as brimming with information as an old pile of books, and as fractured as a broken laser jet printer. And maybe, if we squint and move and connect the disparate focal points, once again life will be as thick and robust as fresh paint. Barrickman's paintings depict the way in which our ordinary perception is convoluted by the continual patching together of images and colors that create the world around us. Barrickman employs diverse techniques, bold colors and quotidian objects to create surreal landscapes on large canvases that are visually entertaining but rigorously considered and executed.

With Peter Barrickman’s first solo show at The Green Gallery East, opening August 1st , we are invited to explore various treatises on being a painter, a Midwesterner, and a human today.

Back Gallery:

Paul Slocum

Paul Slocum is a new media artist whose work reunites two distinct, yet similar cultural lineages: Garfield and Heathcliff. First published in June 19, 1978 Garfield eventually became the more popular of the two cartoon cats and, as a result, Garfield made the transition into 3D for the 2004 feature film Garfield: The Movie. Slocum updates history in a way by bringing Heathcliff into the 21st century and rejoining their cultural origins as competing comic strips in the 1970's. 

Images of installation and pieces