1974 Fairfax, VA
Lives and works in Milwaukee, WI


B.A. Montana State University

B.F.A. University of Minnesota

Art Center College of Art and Design M.F.A. Program

Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture

Solo Exhibitions:

2015   New Paintings, CANADA, New York

           Office Baroque, Brussels, Belgium

2013   Peregrine Program, Chicago, IL

          Esparatyson, Roberto Paradise, San Juan, Puerto Rico

          Beach Painting Club, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami, FL

          A Nerdier Red, The Hills Esthetic Center, Chicago, IL

2012   Flanders Gallery, Raleigh, NC

2011   Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

2010   The Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, WI

2007   Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2006   Tomorrow, Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

          Jack Hanley, San Francisco, CA (with Scott Reeder)

2005   Fruit Bomb, Greener Pastures Gallery, Toronto, ON

2004   Hog Wash, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles, CA

2003   Milwaukee,, Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

2001   Solo Show, Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

Two Person Exhibitions:

2008   Daniel Reich Gallery, New York (with Scott Reeder)

2006   Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago (with Scott Reeder)

2005   Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York (with Scott Reeder)

2002   The Suburban, Oak Park (with Scott Reeder)

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2015    Feed the Meter, Galerie Bernard Ceysson, Wandhaff, Belgium

            Frieze Art Fair London 2015, CANADA 

            Frieze Art Fair London 2015, Office Baroque

2013   Please Come to My Show: Invitations and Event Flyers from The MOMA Library, 

          Museum of Modern Art Library, New York

          Beach Painting Club, Rachel Uffner Gallery, New York, NY

          Plant Life, Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

2012   Hot Tub Time Machine, CANADA, New York, NY

          Spaced, Jack Hankley Gallery, New York, NY

          The Art of Cooking, Royal T, Los Angeles, CA

          Amy and Wendy Yao's Artist Swap Meet, High Dessert Test Sites, Joshua Tree, CA

2011   Heads On Poles,  Western Exhibitions, Chicago, IL

2010   With Walls, Museum 52, New York, NY

          Holes, Daniel Reich Gallery, New York, NY

2009   Curator's Choice, Works from MMoCA, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, Madison, WI

2008   I Won't Grow Up, Curated by Donald Baechler and Beth DeWoody, Chiem and Read, NY

2007   Wu-Tang Googleplex, Gavin Brown's Enterprise, Passerby, NY

          Big Secret Cach, Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA                                 

          Rob Pruitt’s Flea Market, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, Frieze Art Fair, London

2006   Action Adventure, Canada, New York, NY

2005   Desired Constellations, curated by Meredith Darrow, Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

          Drunk vs. Stoned 2, Gavin Brown's Enterprize, NY

          With Us Or Against Reality, Or Against Us, Willy Wonka Inc., Oslo, Norway

          Christmas in July, Black Dragon Society, Los Angeles, CA

          Exploding Plastic Inevitable,, Bergdorf Goodman, NY

2004   The Four Color Pen Show, curated by General Store, Locusts Projects, Miami

          General Store Rocks, High Desert Test Sites,curated by Andrea Zittel,Joshua Tree, CA

          Kids of the Black Hole, Stalke Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

          Emo Eco, Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago

         the infinite fill group show, curated by Cory and Jamie Arcangel, Foxy Productions, NY

         California Earthquakes, Daniel Reich Gallery, NY

         Group Show, Rolf Ricke Gallery, Cologne, Germany

         Group Show, Nicolai Walner Gallery, Copenhagan, Denmark

         Happy Days are Here Again, curated by Andre Schlechtriem, David Zwirner, NY

         Full Disclosure, Geoffrey Young Gallery, NY

         Drunk vs. Stoned, Gavin Brown¹s Enterprise, NY

         Objective Compliment, curated by Stephanie Barber, Zoolook, NY

        Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, Champion Fine Arts, Los Angeles, CA

2003-2002   Group Show, Hayworth Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

     aag Ons Niet Uit, Holland, The Netherlands

    Street Smart, curated by Simon Watson, Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, IL

    Teenage Rebel: The Bedroom Show, curated by Scott Hug, John Connelly Presents, NY

    Group Show, curated by Clarissa Dalrymple, Grant Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles, CA 

    K48 3 : Teenage Rebel in Paris, curated by Scott Hug, Agnes B., Paris, France

    Now Playing, D¹Amelio Terras, NY

    Karaoke Death Machine, Cuchifritos, NY

    Okemos, Scott and Tyson Reeder, The Suburban, Chicago, IL

    Milhaus, Deluxe Projects, Chicago, IL 

2001   Group Painting Show, Laura Owens Studio & Chicago Project Room, Los Angeles, CA


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