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Paul Druecke Lives and works in Milwaukee, WI 

Selected Exhibitions and Projects

2014   Broadway Morey Boogie, 96th Street Aperture, Marlborough Gallery Chelsea, New York, NY 
           Whitney Biennial, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY
           Paul Druecke and Nancy Popp, Lynden Sculpture Garden, Milwaukee, WI

2013    A Study in Midwest Appropriation,Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL (group show)
           Near Here Los Angeles, MKE<>LAX Salon, Los Angeles, CA (reading) 
           The Personal is Political: Martha Wilson and MKE, Portrait Society Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
           Memorial Reading Room, Out of the Suitcase, Layton Gallery, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI (group show) 

2012    Near Here Los Angeles, Habeas Lounge, Los Angeles, CA 
           Poor Farm @ The Poor Farm, The Great Poor Farm Experiment, Manawa, WI
           MMXII @ MKE–LAX, Layton Gallery, MIAD, Milwaukee, WI (group show)
           House Beautiful, Los Angeles, CA (group show)
           Friends of Blue Dress Park @ RW24, Blue Dress Park, Milwaukee WI

2011    Flowers of Situation, INOVA, Nohl Fellowship Exhibition, Milwaukee, WI
           Cover the City with Lines, Multiple Venues, Cleveland Urban Design Collaborative, Cleveland, OH
           Condiments Provided, Friends of Blue Dress Park in conjunction with HMI, Milwaukee WI

2010    Paul Druecke’s Cleveland, Spaces World Artist Program, Cleveland, OH
           Concours De Monuments II, ENSA Paris-Malaquais / Espace Callot, Paris, France (group show)
           Detroit: Phoenix, Steppenwolf Theater’s Explore Detroit, Chicago, IL
           A Public Space: Pioneer Courthouse Square, Open Engagement, Portland, OR
           The Perfect Recipe, Republic Square, Art Alliance, Austin, TX
           Table of Contents & Come., Green Gallery East, Milwaukee, WI

2009    The Cool White Cube, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
           The Brightest Stars Shine But Briefly, Dark Fair, Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany
           Wallgasm, Angstrom Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (group show)
           A Public Space: Hopkins Plaza, Charles Street Bridge, Baltimore, MD
           Guide, Park East Corridor Project, In:Site, Milwaukee, WI

2008    The Last Days of John Budgen Jr., Many Mini Residency@the Berlin House, Berlin, Germany
           The Brightest Stars Shine But Briefly, Transmodern Festival, Baltimore, MD
           The Lone Blogger, On Procession, Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, IN

2007    A Public Space, Mapping the Self, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, IL (group show)
           A Social Event Archive, 10 Year Anniversary, Aurora Picture Show, Houston, TX
           A Public Space (Installments One and Two), Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany 

2006    If One Obeys Instinct, Flea-Market Biennale, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA
           A Public Space: Daley Plaza, Daley Center, Chicago Dept. of Cultural Affairs, Chicago, IL
           A Social Event Archive, On Platforming, Locust Projects, Miami, FL (group show)
           If One Obeys Instinct, Green Gallery, Milwaukee International (group show)

2005    The Community Courtyard, Contemporary Art Museum Houston, TX
           Bright Sun Partial Shade, Market Square Park, Houston, TX

2004    Between Sleep and Awake, Amalgama, Contemporary Art Museum, Houston, TX (group show) Between Sleep and Awake, Inman Gallery, Houston, TX
           A Public Space: Main Street Square, Project Row Houses, Houston, TX
           The Suburban Political Poster Project, Lothringer Dreizen, Munich, Germany (group show) 

2002    Theater, The Suburban, Chicago, IL
           A Social Event Archive, Delta Axis, Memphis, TN

2001    The Library Project, Temporary Services, Chicago, IL (group show)

2000    Blue Dress Park, Milwaukee, WI
           A Social Event Archive, Tracey—Liverpool Biennial, Liverpool, England

 Selected Professional Activities / Awards

2014    Resident, Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin, Germany

2013    Resident, MKE<>LAX, Los Angeles, CA

2012    Resident, MKE<>LAX, Los Angeles, CA
           Project Grant, Mary L. Nohl: Suitcase Fund, Milwaukee, WI
           Board Member, Friends of Blue Dress Park (ongoing)
2011    Creative Liaison, Friends of Blue Dress Park

2010    Resident, Spaces World Artist Program, Cleveland, OH
           Fellowship, Mary L. Nohl: Individual Artist Fellowship, Milwaukee, WI 
           Commission, Art Alliance Austin, Republic Square (Curated by Cook & Ruud), Austin, TX

2009    Louis Comfort Tiffany Biennial Award, (nominated)
           Project Grant, Mary L. Nohl: Suitcase Fund, Milwaukee, WI
           Project Grant, In:Site, Milwaukee, WI
2008    Resident, Many Mini Residency@ the Berlin Office, Berlin, Germany
           Project Grant, Community Development Grant, Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts

2007    Project Grant, Mary L. Nohl: Suitcase Fund, Milwaukee, WI 

2006    Project Consultant to City of Milwaukee, Menomonee Valley Public Art Project
           Panel Organizer, Outside the System, Americans for the Arts Conference, Milwaukee, WI

2005    The Baum: An Emerging American Photographer Award, San Francisco, CA (Nominated)
           Panelist, Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County, TX
           Advisor, In:Site, Milwaukee, WI

2004    Creative Capital Professional Development Workshop, Houston, TX 

2002    Director, Curator, Art Street Window (1997 - 2002) 
 Teaching / Lectures / Talks

2014    Artist Talk: Michelle Grabner, David Robbins, Paul Druecke, Milwaukee Art Museum
            Adjunct Faculty, Transdisciplinary, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

2013    Visiting Artist, University of San Diego, San Diego, CA

2012    Adjunct Faculty, Group at Work, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
           Visting Artist, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA 

2011    Adjunct Faculty, Art in Urban Spaces, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design
           Artist Lecture, Artists Now!, Peck School of the Arts, UWM, Milwaukee, WI
           PAUL DRUECKE page two2009 Artist Talk w/Sara Daleiden, Outpost for Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA

2008    Conversation w/John Riepenhoff, Green Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

2007    Visiting Artist Lecture, New School of Architecture, San Diego, CA

2005    Artist Talk, Amalgma, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX

2004    Artist Talk, Slide Jam, Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, TX 

2002    Visiting Artist Lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
           Visiting Artist Lecture, Moss Lecturer, Rhodes College, Memphis, TN
           Adjunct Faculty, Public Art Public Space, Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

1998    Artist Talk, Outinto, Hermetic Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
 Selected Writing / Publications
2014    “Art Dividends,” Temporary Art Review,
            “Which hierarchies are good?”, Open Engagement 100 questions,
            “Life and Death on the Bluffs” Green Gallery Press
            “Paul Druecke Speaks with Donna Stonecipher,” Whitney Biennial Catalog, Whitney Museum
           “Set in Stone: Paul Druecke and Amanda Douberly in Dialogue,” Blackwell Companion to Public 
           Art, Wiley-Blackwell Publishing (forthcoming)
           “Study in Midwestern Appropriation,” Catalog, Hyde Park Art Center
           “Community Journal: Life and Death on the Bluffs,” (forthcoming)

2012    “631 East Center Street and Milwaukee Culture,” Art at the Center, Milwaukee Artist Resource 
2011    “Lines on Abbey Bridge,” CUDC’s Infill Series, Kent State University

2010    “The Last Days of John Budgen Jr.,” Green Gallery Press 
           “Words” Can I Come Over To Your House, Catalog, The Suburban

2009    “The Future of Giants Past,”
           “The Last Days of John Budgen Jr.,” Chapter One,

2007    “It’s My Public Space,” InterReview, Issue 07
           “Social Event Archive Vol. 4,” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

2005    “Between Sleep and Awake” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

2004    “Travelogue,” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

2002    “Dear October,” New Art Examiner, March-April

2000    “A Social Event Archive Vol. 3,” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

1998    “A Social Event Archive Vol. 2,” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

1997    “A Social Event Archive Vol. 1,” limited edition Publication, Art Street Window

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