The Green Gallery presents: 


MDW FAIR at Geolofts
3636 South Iron Street
Chicago, IL, 60608

Saturday, April 23rd: 1-10pm 
Sunday, April 24th: 1-6pm

Booth 205

Chicago, IL - On April 23rd and 24th at the MDW Fair The Green Gallery will present an exhibition by American Fantasy Classics. American Fantasy Classics (AFC) is an artist run studio and exhibition space located in Milwaukee, WI.  Established and curated by Alec Regan and Oliver Sweet the space encourages ambitious experimentation by dedicating its resources to contemporary artists and their practice. AFC works directly with artists in a collaborative effort which constructs new work that extends beyond the scope of what the artist could realize alone, while keeping the artist at the heart of the piece.

Their first project is a collaboration with Portland based artist Brenna Murphy. Murphy makes videos, sculptures and computer graphics that weave textures into cosmic techno-yantras. She's created a series of labyrinthine webpages that consist of collaged video, cgi and sound files. For this collaborative project, AFC has chosen to translate one of her pages into a sculptural installation. Using Brenna's cgi objects as blueprints, they've constructed an array of sculptures complete with goopy digital textures. The team will converge at the MDW fair to arrange the sculptures into hieroglyphic formations that reflect their digi-mandalic roots.

Brenna Murphy CV